Monday, June 30, 2014


Packing is typically not fun, but putting in the toddler size baseball gloves and double-dutch jumps ropes just makes me excited!  Later today I'll be going to get my favorite craft: lanyard string for key chains and yarn for friendship bracelets.  It was an overwhelming task last year sorting colors and trying to teach dozens of kids how to weave the string, but seeing their joy makes it all worth it! 

My most memorable moment last year occurred during recess when about 10 kids were huddled around me all talking at the same time and asking for more string.  It was a couple days into the trip and my fingers were raw from starting 100's of lanyard key chains, the majority of which were made without an actually key ring or hook because we ran out.  I had a little soroche (altitude sickness) and a lot of bad attitude.  As I sat there feeling sorry for myself I overheard one of the kids nearby talking to his friend. 

"I'm going to ask for more string so I can start another one!  I finished this one last night.  I memorized where each string goes so that when the sun went down I could finish in the dark since we don't have lights."  He was so proud of his accomplishment and the smile on his face was priceless. 

Wow.  What a reality check.  Here I was having a pity party and this little guy spent the night in the dark and still had a smile on his face!  There's no telling what will happen this year or the stories we'll hear, but I'm excited to spend a week with the amazing kids at San Mauricio!  I've decided to cut the string to the correct length and sort the colors in advance so hopefully the process is a little more efficient. : )

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