Thursday, July 10, 2014

Arriving in Colombia

The new El Dorado International Airport in Bogota is fantastic.  The signs are in both English and Spanish and the immigration process is quick and efficient.  I arrived tonight at 11:40pm and was off the plane, through immigration, and at the baggage claim waiting for my luggage by midnight.  Of course my bags were the last one off the plane, but it was still relatively quick and easy compared to DFW!  The weather is about 50-55 degrees in Bogota at night so make sure you bring a light jacket or sweater.  People looked at me like I was crazy in Dallas carrying a jacket in 100 degree weather, but it made a good pillow during the flight and was needed after leaving the airport.

For those with multiple suitcases or heavy items make sure to grab a luggage cart when you enter the baggage claim area.  They are $2 US dollars or $4,000 Colombian pesos.  Also be prepared that the immigration and customs folks don't speak English.  At immigration I was asked about my profession, purpose of my trip to Colombia, where I would be staying, and the date of my departure.  At customs I was asked why I had so many suitcases and the contents of the suitcases.  At the security checkpoint between customs and the exit (yes, they will scan ALL luggage and carry ons after customs before you exit) I was asked again about the contents of my suitcases and what types of food items I was bringing.   I guess they are not used to seeing 10 lbs of Twizzlers. 

Tomorrow the adventure starts early in the morning with Gladney staff meeting, a trip to the passport office with a Gladney family that completed their adoption yesterday, then off to purchase 160 pairs of shoes.  Buenas noches!


Lana said...

Have a safe trip!!

Anonymous said...

How exciting! YUM...Twizzlers! Glad you are there safe. Enjoy!