Thursday, August 01, 2013

Gladney Teen Service Trip in Colombia - Day 3

Today began a little rough ...we were given a new driver who wasn't sure what hotel we were at.  He went to the wrong one so he arrived to pick us up and hour late.

After we got to the orphanage we immediately went to our classrooms and got to "teaching".   Today my class did tissue paper fish and then we did a USA puzzle. The kids really enjoyed both but especially the puzzle. They were asking what state we were each from and then pointing to it; asking how to say it etc. 

Lunch was interesting for the teens...white rice (they all loved), a salad of tomatoes, corn and beans and some potatoes with a ranch/alfredo like sauce, and think a pork chop ...with some kind of sauce. Of course I loved it all but the teens seemed a little wary. 

After lunch we went out side to play for the afternoon. Today I brought nail polish.  I think I painted 12-13 sets of nails and some toes.  Beth Whitacre, Intercountry Adoption Caseworker, had her lacing craft which was a big hit and then of course there is always soccer and basketball going on.  Our snack was chocolate chip cookies form the on-site bakery and apples along with some wonderful Colombian coffee. 

Tonight we are headed to Pizza Hut for dinner and then back to the hotel for some needed rest.  The kids at orphanage are full on and want total attention understandably . . .  lots of hugs and a few kisses too. One little guy told me I was a clown -- Joe Smith had to translate for me. It was so fun playing with him on his roller blades, chasing him, spinning him, etc. 

When we leave they all ask are you coming tomorrow. It will be hard to tell them tomorrow is goodbye. REALLY HARD!

Angie Parish
Intake Specialist| Eastern Europe and Latin America

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