Friday, August 02, 2013

Gladney Teen Service Trip in Colombia - Day 4

Today was super fun. We started off in our classrooms and made crafts.  No "lessons" today. Then we went out for snack/recess time. The kids were all wanting to make more of the lacing craft Beth brought.  They stood in line and we each had a part in the craft, cutting laces, getting the lacing started or just keeping the kids entertained while they waited. After that we headed back to our classes.  

Beth and I surprised our classes with a dance party. We started off with the chicken dance! The kids loved it and so did the teachers. Next we did the cupid shuffle and the macarena (sp?). Then they did a Colombian dance for us it was all so fun.The teachers even commented that usually the kids would be acting up but they were all into it and well behaved. Word got out about our party and the orphanage staff began to stand at the window watching us dance.  They had a great laugh I am sure.

After the dance party we headed to lunch for pizza.  Today one of  the orphanage girls came up and told us "thanks for the pizza'.  Juanita from the orphanage said this is the only time they get pizza.  Once a year,when we come.  To think I was thinking pizza again.  She brought me back to reality. Thanks for pizza anytime ...

After lunch we had a presentation for the kids. They did several dances and dressed in Colombian ponchos and skirts.  It was great.  Then they asked us to perform the chicken dance with them so we did.
This was followed by some moving words from Frank Garrott, Gladney's President, about how we love being with the kids and love Colombia.  

Then it was free play time with the kids until it was time to go.We did get to go to the baby room today and play with them for a bit. Very fun.They are so adorable.

Time to go. The kids ran out of their classrooms and met us with hugs and kisses. It was an emotional time for our kids and for the orphanage kids.  Some were crying, asking us not to leave.  All I could do was give extra hugs and get on the bus.  The ride was quiet.  

Angie Parish
Intake Specialist| Eastern Europe and Latin America

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