Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Gladney Teen Service Trip in Colombia - Day 2

Today we were able to use the money raised by our Gladney babies to provide shoes for the kids at the orphanage we are visiting. What a sight!  ALL the kids in the cafeteria waiting to get a new pair of shoes. They were very excited and so were we! Our Gladney Babies each got a box of shoes and called out a name then that child would come up and the Gladney Baby would hep them with their shoe swap.

It took almost 2 hours to get it all done.  It was worth the time. Then we had another wonderful snack form the bakery -- sort of a bagel with jelly on the inside and juice.  We were also given a tour of the full campus. We went to the preschool area, sleeping quarters for the kids and the bakery. We were also shown a small "store " where the kids of the orphanage get to "buy" things with points they earn for good behavior and academics.

After the tour we went to work in our classrooms.  Today was less academic and more fun with coloring  and paint.  In my first grade classroom we made straw rockets! They were a big hit! Then it was lunch time followed by an afternoon of futbol, basketball, bubbles and such. They even had  a tent we put up to play in.

Tonight we dined at the Corall a good hamburger place and then went to see the new Hugh Jackman movie Wolverine.  Now it's off for some needed rest,  so we can do it all again tomorrow!

Angie Parish
Intake Specialist| Eastern Europe and Latin America

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