Monday, October 15, 2012

Do you know what Hope Exchange Is?

Back in 2002, Gladney began Bright Futures Camps as a way to raise awareness about older children living in orphanages.  Thousands of children remain in orphanages, and sadly, the older a child gets, the less likely they are to experience the gift of family through adoption.

Gladney is pleased to announce the Hope exchange Program with a twist.  Rather than bringing children to the United States, this time adventurous prospective parents are invited to travel to Colombia. What an exciting opportunity to brighten the life of a child living in an orphanage, and experience the culture first hand.

If interested in being part of this exciting opportunity, please contact Judy Hayes at or 432.563.3344.  Don't miss this unique chance of creating your family through adoption!

For further information about Gladney's Colombia Adoption program, please visit our website.

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