Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Heartbreaking News

Hello again everyone, I hope you are getting as excited about our service trip as I am! 

In my previous post I raved about our precious Colombian Waiting Children who had gotten approved to be advocated for through social media, and while those sentiments have not changed a bit, one thing has.

I posted about two brothers on our Latin American Waiting Children blog , but our Colombia team recently learned that we have run out of time. Next week the brothers are being moved from their orphanage to an all boys institution outside of Bogota for older children. Children who are sent here are the ones who have no hope of being adopted and are now just waiting to age out of the system. Many run away, get kicked out or find themselves in dangerous situations before they even age out. While this devastating news broke our hearts, I was also able to find a new sense of determination to advocate for the rest of our precious kiddos. This news opened my eyes to just how fragile these kids' futures are and it now pushes me to step up and work that much harder to find our other kids their forever homes. I know we were moved by this news and I hope it motivates you to take steps to make a difference as well! 

The rest of our Colombian kids are still waiting and hoping for families. While you may not be able to provide them a home, you can still sign up for the service trip and shower these kids with love. Keep checking out our Waiting Children blog for more updates and if you ever have any questions at all, feel free to email us at 

Remember, if you are interested in going on the Colombia Service trip this summer, the deadline to register is May 1, 2015. To access the application, click here. 

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