Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Giving Back

I recently had the opportunity to become a "godmother" to a young teenage boy in a Colombian orphanage.  My friend and I purchased gifts for him so he would have Christmas gifts.  It was fun to shop for him and we hoped that he would like and be blessed with the presents we chose.

Little did I know that I was the one that would be blessed by my "godson".  This week I received a picture of him opening his gifts as well as a beautiful letter thanking us for remembering him on this very special day.  This precious teenage boy will probably never be in a forever loving home and that is a heart-breaking thought.

There are so many children, like my godson, who need loving homes. Gladney's Colombia adoption program has a regular adoption program, a Hope Exchange Camp program, and a Colombia national program.   If you are interested in adopting one of these precious children from Colombia, please get started today by requesting Gladney's Online Information Packet.

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