Monday, November 12, 2012

Fun With the Kids While in Colombia

Just heard about this fun place for the kids in Bogota!  It's called Divercity.  It's described as a kids park that is set up to let children experience adult activities like driving a car, putting out a fire (okay I've never done that!), and other different occupations.

They start out with a small amount of play money that they can use to play games.  When they run out of money, they have to get jobs to earn more money.

This could be a fun way to spend an afternoon in Colombia while you're in-country during the Hope Exchange Camp.

If you've been, please share your review of the place.


Calle 183 No. 45-03 Local 201 Piso 3 | Centro Comercial, SantafeBogotaColombia

Photos of Divercity, Bogota
This photo of Divercity is courtesy of TripAdvisor

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