Saturday, May 23, 2009


Howdy folks, this has been quite a week here in Medellin. I have been teaching two children in the mornings, helping them learn english, and then in the afternoons I teach about ten children. I am certainly not an expert in ESL, but I do know how to manage a class and I do know a little bit of how the brain most quickly learns a language. So, I teach the children a few things that they will have to know in order that we can have a successful class, such as ¨be quiet,¨ ¨sit down,¨ and ¨repeat¨. Along with that, I always repeat myself in spanish after everything that I say. After just two days of an hour of class, they are already wowing their caregivers, asking them ¨what is your name?¨and ¨what time is it?¨ pretty cool.
As for the city, it is really cool. Last night, my host family took me for a drive around to catch a view of the nightlife, this city has many, many outdoor bars and restaurants, as the climate here is just superb. We then stopped in the middle of town and I got to sample a bit of the street food. I had a ¨perro ranchero,¨haha. Don´t worry, it was not a real perro, but the Medellin-version of a hot dog. It was incredibly messy, filling, and delicious. For the not so experimental pallate, I would not recommend it, but hey, get out there and try something new, right?
Today has been a relaxing saturday, just hanging around listening to music and watching tv, but later on we may go out, we´ll see. I¨ll keep you posted. Hope all is well with all of you and I appreciate your continued thoughts and prayers. Que dios les bendiga-God bless- Matt

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Gladney Adoption said...

Matt -

Love your recommendations on the food, especially for those of us who are not experimental eaters. :)

Can't wait to see photos posted!