Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Colombia Program Update

The Colombia program has had a great month!! Monday I returned home from my first trip to Colombia. It was AMAZING! It only rained about 5 minutes on the last day of my trip and was sunny about half of the time. Everyone I met was extremely friendly and helpful. Marshall Williams, VP of International Adoption, and I spent a day at ICBF meeting with several staff about Gladney and possible humanitarian aid projects as well as the new Hague requirements. I was very encouraged by the meetings and future Colombia adoptions! Raul just returned home from Puerto Rico where he did an informational meeting and celebrated National Adoption Day with 7 families in Puerto Rico who adopted from Colombia (pictures coming soon!)

In October, 5 children were placed in their forever homes. We currently have 2 families with their referrals, both of which are for infants under 8 months!!! Our monthly conference call will be this Thursday at 3:30 CT. Happy National Adoption Month!

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